Patient Rights & Responsibilities

The staff at River Valley Physicians believes that patients who understand and take an active role in their health care and treatment can make positive contributions to their care. We are committed to provide you the best possible care. We encourage you to ask questions and communicate openly with our staff about your health care issues. The following are a list of your rights as a patient under our care for the treatment or procedure you are undergoing.

As a River Valley Physicians’ patient, you have the right:

  • To be informed of his/her rights as a patient undergoing a treatment or procedure performed by this health care facility.
  • To considerate and respectful care with due regard to his/her personal dignity.
  • To every consideration of his/her privacy concerning his/her treatment or procedure. Discussions on
    symptoms, history, treatment and financial records are considered confidential and will be conducted
    discreetly and in surroundings that promote privacy.
  • To expect emergency procedures to be implemented without delay.
  • To the identity and professional status of individuals providing his/her care.
  • To receive safe, high quality care and professional standards that are continually maintained and reviewed.
  • To complete and current information from his/her attending physician about his/her current diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis in reasonably understable terms.
  • To access necessary procedures regardless of race, color, creed, gender, national origin and religion.
  • To full information (in layman’s terms) concerning the procedure necessary for consent prior to the start, except in emergency situations. The information shall include an explanation of the procedure, its value, significant risks, possible adverse reactions and explanation of alternative treatment methods, if any.
  • To refuse a procedure and to be informed of the medical consequences of this action.
  • To request, examine and receive an itemized explanation of his/her bill, regardless of the source of payment.
  • To be informed of and give consent to any educational or research projects involving his/her care. He/she
    may refuse participation in any of these activities.
  • To express spiritual beliefs and cultural practices as long as those do not harm others or interfere with

While River Valley Physicians agrees to preserve and maintain these rights for you, we also expect you (the patient) to be honest and courteous with our staff and physicians as we work together to keep you healthy.

 Need Medical Records?

You can visit our Patient Portal by clicking here
Please contact your doctor’s office should you need hard copies of your medical records. Allow 30 days to process your request, state whether you want your records on paper or in electronic format on CD. You will be asked to sign for your records when you pick them up. There will be a fee for processing your medical records. The fee is based on the number of pages and is set by the State of Ohio

Patient Responsibilities

The staff of River Valley Physicians believes that patients who understand and take an active role in their health care and treatment can make positive contributions to their care. We will respect your cultural, social and religious differences in an attempt to provide the best health care possible. We encourage you to ask questions and communicate openly with our staff about your health care issues. It is our  expectation that the observance of these responsibilities will contribute more effectively to your care.

As a patient or client of River Valley Physicians, you are responsible:

  • To provide a state or federal photo ID, proof of insurance, accurate list of medications and any co-pay that is due.
  • To provide , to the best of your ability, accurate and complete information regarding present symptoms, past
    illnesses, medications and other matters related to his/her care.
  • To communicate any changes in your condition during the treatment or procedure.
  • To tell the staff or provider if you do not understand the treatment, the exam, or what is expected of you.
  • To follow the advice and instructions of the provider and staff regarding your care.
  • To take responsibility for the consequences if you refuse treatment or do not follow instructions.
  • For keeping appointments and telling the provider/staff if appointments cannot be kept.
  • For being courteous to the River Valley Physicians’ staff and other patients and visitors.
  • For your personal belongings.
  • To bring any conflicts or concerns regarding your care to the immediate attention of the provider or staff.
  • To pay bills promptly.