Urgent Message from River Valley Physicians

July 29, 2015
To the patients of River Valley Physicians: for the last six days, RVP has experienced technical difficulties with one specific aspect of our electronic patient portal.

 We routinely send via our portal general educational messages. These messages are on such topics as avoiding sun damage to the skin, why a flu shot is recommended, information on diabetes and other diseases. The messages are general and are not targeted to specific patients. On Friday we sent information about childhood obesity. Unfortunately, the email message that tells the patient that a message has been posted to the portal is being duplicated and sent many times. Please rest assured this is only affecting the general education messages that are sent to all patients. If you have a specific message, such as a test result, that your doctor posts for you to the portal, you will receive an email that tells you there is a test result waiting for you. That process has not been affected by this technical problem. We are working to find the cause of this technical glitch and hope to have it corrected soon. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused to our patients. RVP appreciates your patience with us as we work through this issue. We want to assure you that no security breach of medical records ever occurred and that although the messages being sent may be annoying they contain no virus or malicious software.

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