Orthopedic & Sports Medicine

River Valley Physicians' orthopedic office delivers personalized care focused on the entire individual, utilizing the full resources of our health system. RVP orthopedic physicians can treat both adults and children. In an effort to get you back to the things you enjoy most, we schedule assessment appointments and surgeries in a matter of days.

Back and Neck
  • Broken collarbones
  • Fractured clavicles
  • Spinal fractures
  • Spinal stenosis
  •  Biceps ruptures
  • Biceps tendonitis
  • Dislocated shoulders
  • Frozen shoulders
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Separated shoulders
  • Shoulder impingements
  • Shoulder sprains
Arm, Elbow, Wrist, and Hand
  •  Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Colles fractures
  • Dislocated elbows
  • Elbow bursitis
  • Elbow fractures
  • Finger sprains
  • Forearm fractures
  • Fractured clavicles
  • Golfer's elbow
  • Tennis elbow
  • Thumb sprains
  • Wrist fractures
  • Wrist sprains
  •  Hip fractures
  • Hip dislocations
  • Hip laberals
  • Hip pointers
  •  Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries
  • Knee sprains
  • Kneecap bursitis
  • Meniscal tears
  • Patellar tendonitis
  • Posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) injuries
Sports Medicine

We know that when injured, you want to get back to your game as quickly and as safely as possible. It’s this understanding that guides the philosophy of our experienced team of orthopaedic physicians, physical therapists, certified athletic trainers, and other experts.

Fitted Orthopedic Devices Improve Quality of Life

With orthopedic devices, one size fits all just doesnt work, RVP takes a fitted approach to  ensure the best possible outcome. Our orthopedic devices are custom fit to your body. Because of this practice, patients realize shortened rehabilitation requirements, improved mobility and increased use of the surgically repaired limb.

Orthopedic Patient Navigator

The care for broken bones and sports injuries touches many different departments within the health system. In order to improve the patient experience, we now have a patient navigator who acts as the support coordinator for all aspects of orthopedic and sports medicine patients' movement through the health care system. The navigator's role is to promote a smooth and timely continuity of care plan all the way through to recovery. The navigator will make initial contact with the patient at the time of diagnosis and continue through rehabilitation. To contact the navigator, call 330-383-2299.

Continuity of Care

The office for Orthopedic and Sports Medicine care is located in close proximity to the Emergency Department. Patients can receive their x-rays or scans, and meet with an orthopedic specialist to determine the best course of action for treatment. Our patient navigator can schedule therapy and home health care based upon your specific needs.