Your Rights & Comfort

As a patient of The Therapy Center, you have expectations of how you want to be treated as a person and a patient. The shared objective of East Liverpool City Hospital and the Therapy Center is to exceed those expectations by providing better care through the trained individual therapists that we have on staff and with the proper respect you deserve.

Understanding Your Rights

At East Liverpool City Hospital, we strive to provide greater transparency between medical professionals and their patients. The content found under this section provides you with legal rights and the provisions we have in place to provide you with the best possible care.

Support & Amenities

Your comfort and care are very important to us. We have sought to exceed your expectations by providing you with the little things you would typically have at your disposal while at home. Furthermore, we have groups of volunteers here to help speed you into recovery with tenderness and care.

Medical Records

Your medical records contain your medical history, and are used by medical professionals to provide insight into your health. These records are useful in determining whether certain medical tests were recently performed and whether other medical tests should be performed.