The Therapy Center

St Route 170 Ogilvie Square
Calcutta, Oh 43920

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236 E Washington St
Lisbon, OH, 44432

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Parking is free at the Therapy Centers. Handicap parking spots are available and automated doors enable easy access to the facility. The parking lot is shared by the YMCA and the Therapy Center.

Free Valet Parking

The hospital offers valet parking for all visitors and patients. Simply pull up to the main entrance on Fifth Street and give the keys to the attendant. They will park and retreive your vehicle. This service is free and there is no tipping. Valet parking is available weekdays from 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

When leaving after 5 p.m., your keys will be left with the security staff and the vehicle will be moved to a parking lot near the door.

Visit Anytime

Visitors are welcomed any time of day at the hospital. When visiting, the attendant at the information desk near the main entrance will direct you to the patient's room.

Visitor Information

Patient Pre-Registration

Trim your time at the hospital by pre-registering for your tests and lab work online. Fill out a simple form at least 24 hours before your scheduled procedure, and we’ll get you on your way quickly!