The Patient Experience

Patients can access care in either the Calcutta location, the Lisbon location, at East Liverpool City Hospital or in their home. The Therapy Center provides the specialists, the equipment and the environment to optimize your return to health. You will be able to work individually with one of our 40 trained therapists.

Privately receive treatment

The Therapy Center in Calcutta offers 12 private rooms, where the staff and patient can perform therapy and exercises.

Modern equipment

When receiving therapy at the Calcutta and Lisbon locations, you also receive access to equipment and amenities available at the YMCA. This includes tread mills, free weights, workout machines, indoor track, swimming pool and whirlpool.

Receive treatment in clean and spacious setting

The Therapy Center in Calcutta includes over 7200 square foot of space. You will be able to perform your therapy comfortably in a clean, relaxing open space.