Occupational Therapy

The Therapy Center offers an occupational therapy program that helps people of all ages independently perform everyday functions and work related skills. Occupational therapists use fine motor exercises and mental activities to help people achieve greater self-sufficiency.


Through hand –eye coordination exercises, children can gain confidence by improving their balance, coordination, performance and reading skills.

Cognitive Testing for Driving

Therapists can administer tests that can accurately determine whether patients that had a stroke, head injury or age-related health problems have the necessary cognitive capacity to continue to drive a car.

Treating Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

Therapists will design a program for a patient that actively engages and stimulates both physical and mental activity. The exercises are designed to empower the person, helping them to gain confidence in performing everyday tasks and enabling greater independence.

Treating children with Down syndrome

Help your child gain greater independence by improving their capability to perform everyday tasks. Therapists will work with your children to perform repeatable steps that can help them to sit, stand and walk, dress themselves, eat a meal and write.

Helping Your Child Through Developmental Delays

A child’s development is a concern for every parent. The occupational therapy team at the Therapy Center has experience with helping children overcome delays in developmental milestones. The early intervention program works with children experiencing problems with movement, social skills and thinking skills. The team has experience in working with children that are have been diagnosed with autism, down syndrome, and other diagnosis impairing a child’s typical development. Furthermore, they have helped undiagnosed children progress through age appropriate milestones to normal development.

Reclaiming Lost Physical Abilities

Whether you have been impacted by disease, an accident that has impaired you physically or recent surgery, the therapists at the Therapy Center can help you overcome your current condition and enable you to perform the everyday tasks that will help you regain your independence and improve your quality of life.

Recovering Physical & Cognitive Abilities From A Stroke

Immediately after having a stroke, regaining lost capabilities, improving quality of life and reclaiming independence is a great concern for both the afflicted individual and their family. Occupational therapists from the Therapy Center can help stroke victims relearn everyday tasks through individualized programs.