Physical Therapy

The Therapy Center offers a physical therapy program for people of all ages recovering from injuries, diseases, disabilities and surgery that have caused a loss of mobility, muscle weakness, loss of coordination, limited endurance, loss of a body part, impeded body function, and pain in the muscles, nerves, joints and bones. Our skilled therapists are adept at evaluating your condition and creating a program that will provide you with long term health benefits.


Therapists have received specialized training to treat pediatric, geriatric and patients of all ages. Furthermore, they can treat people recovering from cardio and pulmonary ailments as well as orthopedic and neurological conditions.

Trigger Point Dry Needling

TDN reduces the pain experienced that are the result of knotted muscles. The therapy program improves quality of life by relaxing muscles and improving mobility.


Therapists create a program for the patient to exercise the pelvic floor muscles and will discuss dietary changes that will help the patient improve bladder control.

Patient Navigator

Orthopedic injuries can involve a hospital emergency visit, an orthopedic physician follow-up, surgery, family doctors and physical therapy. The patient navigator coordinates orthopedic injury follow up and helps the patient transition between the care givers to optimize the patient’s recovery.

Visual Perception Training

Through hand –eye coordination exercises, children can gain confidence by improving their balance, coordination, performance and reading skills.

Treating patients with Lymphedema

Lymphatic massage is offered at the Therapy Center. Therapists manually massage affected areas, so that the fluid is drained properly within the body. Lymphatic massage benefits the body by helping it to remove proteins and waste product that has gathered and caused swelling. The therapy benefits patients by reducing swelling which lessens pain and improves mobility.

Treating back pain

 Physical therapists design a treatment plan that alleviates pain and improves mobility. Based upon your specific need, the program may involve exercises to improve your strength, flexibility and endurance. You may receive cold treatments to reduce swelling or heat treatments to promote blood flow and healing. Ultrasound and electrical stimulation can be used to accelerate healing in the treatment of soft tissue injuries.

Regain the Quality of Life & Lifestyle that You Desire

While the result of the injury or disease you are facing may prevent a full recovery, our desire is to help you make a recovery and enjoy life to the fullest. The therapists are cognizant of helping to move your efforts forward so that you achieve your lifestyle objectives

Improve Your Muscle Strength & Endurance

By not properly treating your injury through to recovery, you may cause your body long term damage while overcompensating for the injury. By performing strength and endurance exercises, you are creating a better balance for your body for continued good health.

Reduce & Eliminate Pain

Pain in many instances is a long term experience many people have to endure after a serious injury, disease or surgery. At The Therapy Center, we educate you to ways to limit stress on the affected area of the body. Many of the exercises can aid in reducing and eliminating pain.