Speech Therapy

The speech therapists at the Therapy Center work with patients of all ages. Therapists create an individualized program that addresses articulation or sound and word formation, pitch, fluency and speech volume. The speech therapists can also diagnose and treat swallowing disorders.

Local Area Schools

Therapy Center Speech therapists perform testing and treatment for children in area schools. Therapy is performed in a small group and one-on-one with students.


Therapists have been trained to treat people with Autism and Parkinson’s disease. The speech programs promote confidence and interaction skills in social settings. There are specific programs to help treat the people afflicted with these conditions and programs to support peers, family members and professionals.

Head Start

Treating speech problems early on with children who are experiencing hearing or articulation problems helps to promote a child’s confidence and social skills. Therapy Center speech therapists assess and treat children at a very young age. Therapy is performed one-on-one with children ages 2-5.

Improving articulation in stroke victims

Speech therapists create a treatment plan to help patients overcome physical problems due to loss of facial muscle control or due to damage caused to the area of the brain that processes language. The objective of the therapist is to help the patient regain the ability to communicate. This may involve fully or partially recovering the patients’ ability to speak or through the creation of new methods of communication.

Actively Screening Children in the Community

The Therapy Center has contracted with local schools in the community to diagnose and treat children with lisps, stuttering and articulation of letters and letter combinations. This proactive approach can help children overcome early speech conditions and help build self-esteem and confidence.

Educational Programs & Support Groups for Parkinson’s Disease & Autism

Our staff has experience and training in the latest research and evidence-based practices with a team approach to facilitate the development of gross motor skills, fine motor skills, cognitive abilities and communication skills for people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and Autism to function better at home and in the community.

Treating Swallowing Disorders (Dysphagia)

Our therapists can diagnose and create a treatment plan for swallowing disorders, that include exercises to improve muscle movement and recommended techniques that improve your swallowing effectiveness.